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casey neistat
casey neistat

About Casey Neistat

Everybody knows Casey Neistat today. Casey Today has around 9.7 Million Subscribers on YouTube and soon going to be 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube. What’s so special about Casey and how he earns his money and what does he do for a living and showing a great lifestyle. We will talk about all that. Let’s Start.

Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey Owen Neistat was born in the year of 1981 on March 25 in Connecticut, United States and lived his life in Lower Manhattan in New York, United States.

Casey Neistat is an YouTuber or YouTube personality and a Filmmaker, Vlogger and the main founder of his company Defunct Multimedia Company.

Casey at the age of 17 dropped out of his school and never came back for graduation. He left his family at 17 with his son ‘Owen’ and Robin Harris and did odd jobs like a dishwasher at a restaurant and cook in some other place.

He lived in trailer parks till the age of 20 with his then Girlfriend Harris. It was the main time that Casey decided that he will move to New York for a better lifestyle and the rest is history.

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How Casey Became a YouTuber?

It was the time of September 11, 2001 the WTC attacks that he recorded in his camera and uploaded on YouTube as his first vlog and called it as “Scariest Day of my life” that helped him to get hired as Model in Media Company and tat kick-started his life on the path or becoming a YouTuber.

What made Casey Popular?

The YouTube Video that made him famous was trying to make a Nike Ad, instead of that he spent all the money flying around the world and spent all the money provided by Nike to create a wonderful ad actually where he showed the Nike’s philosophy of “Just Do it”.

How tall is Casey Actually?

Casey is 1.75 m tall and his age is 35.

How many awards Casey Won?

Casey have Won Shorty Awards of 2016 and Independent Spirit John Awrad of 2011.

In YouTube Casey has won the YouTube Silver And Gold {lay Button and will soon get Diamond Play button as soon as he completes 10 Million subscribers.

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