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Chantel Zales – Bio

Chantel Zales
Chantel Zales

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Chantel Zales is the most followed instagram model also known as a bikini model, who has become the most famous internet celebrity today. With her fitness tips and fashion designing models, she has made her mass million fans all over the world and what she exactly does; shares her lifestyle on the internet

About: Chantel Zales

She is also most famous on instagram and her fame today sperads like the wild fire. Now she has become the instabeauty which result in several juicy endorsement deals from big corporations which don’t despair them.

Today her fame has made her rank among the highest top 10 instagram model in the world. From the internet now she has moved to grace many magazine covers over the time and she is getting several lucrative endorsement deals from companies.

She has promoted much clothing online and she also offers a different range of clothing items like dresses, swimwear, and rompers.

Not only that, she owns a chain of business. Just than a pretty face, she is also versatile and highly ambitious.

Chantel Zales – Biography, Chantel Zales Birthday

  • Talking about chantel zales birthday she was born on 6th july 1990 in Albequerque in New Maxico and moved to Phoenix Arozona with her parents at the age of 4, where she grew.
  • Chantel Zales had her college education from the Arizona State of University but unknown when she completed it. Past the graduation, she was employed at a firm where she was taking care of EPSN boxing fights.
  • As a teenager, she was very active and athlete hence got to participate in many sports including swimming and football. She also loved the classical game and hence learnt violin and saxophone as well.
  • In course of time, she relocated to Los Angeles, California where her modelling career started. She first appeared in companies like Pepsi and Acura and also grace the magazine pages of FHM, Maxim, and
  • She has acted for 2009 drama film Middle Men and 3D horror comedy film Piranha 3D of 2010.
  • Chantel Zales also worked for some video like for Transworld Motocross and the song A Step Away by Black Oxygen.

Chantel Zales – Net Worth

During her career as a fashion designer and highly sought model, She had her hands full. She was endorsed by many big companies to work for them, and due to her celebrity status, she is also being paid for several exclusive shows in her account.

Chantel Zales is renowned highest paid top 10 instagram model in the world today and she has an estimated net worth of $5.36 Million in her account.

Quick Facts – Chantel Zales

  • To stay fit and in shape, she spends 6 hours for cardio per week.
  • She does her daily jogging and running to stay healthy and staminated.
  • She does yoga to stay stress free and avoid weight lifting because of the result of extra muscle gain.
  • She maintains her diet and drinks to stay fit and active.

Chantel Zales – Instagram

Chantel zales is primarily an instagram model and she post about her lifestyle, fashion design and modelling on the instagram. So you can find Chantel Zales Instagram model via the link here

Chantel Zales – Body Measurement

  • The instagram model is well known for her body shape. So here are some details of her Body measurement.
  • Chantel Zales is a tall figure and her height measures 5’7’’ or 1.7 m
  • The body weights as 120 Ibs
  • Breast measures 37 inches and her bra size is 32DD
  • Her waist is 25 inches and hip measures 36 inches
  • Shoe size measures 8 US and 39 EU

Final words

The instragam and internet celebrity and bikini model Chantel Zales has broken all the bounderies to success by her modelling and designing. So today by the above article came to know about this versetile personality Chantel Zales. Hope, you have found this article useful and informative to you. If so, give your feedback in our comment section.

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