Daniel Kyre – Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, and Quick Facts

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Daniel Kyre – Bio

Daniel Kyre
Daniel Kyre

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About: Daniel kyre and His Family

  • Daniel kyre was born on 16th July 1994 in south California, USA.
  • His basic education was from his own hometown in South Carolina.
  • Daniel kyre FatherDavid Kyre.

Daniel kyre even worked with Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), a bigger YouTube personality.

  • He had a younger sister who lived with his parents in South Carolina and his family was described as an average one.

Daniel Kyre WiKi and Quick Facts:

  • He started Cyndago, a YouTube channel with his childhood friend in South Carolina before moving to LA.
  • He was an aspiring songwriter and a guitarist. He use to upload songs on Soundcloud frequently.
  • Before Daniel Kyre died at 21 on the 18th of September 2015 because of an irreversible damage to his brain he was known as a YouTube star
  • GoFundMe account was opened by Daniel’s friend, Mark Fischbach to support the Kyre family after Daniel’s death.
  • After moving to Los Angeles, California with his friend in early 2015, they hired a third member in running the channel, Cyndago. He was called Matt Watson and was responsible for creating and editing content for the channel.
  • Within three years, they had added 200,000 more subscribers to their channel with more views (as per September 2015.)
  • After Daniel died and Cyndago ended, Ryan together with Matt (the other Cyndago member) became best friends and continued to work with Markiplier.

Daniel Kyre Death – How He Died

  • On 16th September 2015 Daniel kyre was found in his room in a bad condition because of his suicidal attempts.
  • It is really astonishing because he was well known you tuber and an icon for many music lover and it was just his career starting point.
  • He was taken to hospital and was In ICU where according to the doctor he suffered irreversible brain damage and this ultimately caused his life on 18th September 2015.

Daniel kyre – Net Worth

  • Daniel Kyre had an estimated net worth of over $0.5 million before his death.

Daniel kyre – Trivia

  • Some of the well-known video work were The WarfStache Affair” and We Dye Our Hair
  • Daniel kyre started his YouTube channel titled Cyndago with his childhood friend Ryan Magee in 2012, before moving to LA which was well known for comic videos

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