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Kia Proctor Bio

Kia Proctor
Kia Proctor

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About: kia Proctor

  • Kia proctor is an emerged model who has become famous soon after she married NFL’s panther cam newton and hence even is called gold digger among many.
  • Fans of Cam Newton started keeping eye on her via keeping track on their lives via tabloids and especially social media from where she came into lime line and became well known among the people.
  • Kia proctor birthday is on 6th of October 1988 in Virginia-Maryland as Shakia Proctor. 
  • She has a fit slender body and kia poctor height is 1.68 m where her husband measures 1.96 m tall.
  • kia proctor age is 28 at present

Kia Proctor Wiki, Bio

  • Kia proctor celebrity status is that long so very little information about her is available. She is mainly known by her long-time boyfriend and husband Cam newton. So here is the filtered information about her which is gained by researching about him online.
  • Kia was born on October 16, 1988, in Virginia-Maryland as Shakia Proctor. However, during the years she worked as a stripper. She went by the moniker, Hazel.
  • Kia proctor job includes work at Washington DC Stadium Club and subsequently began hosting parties in Atlanta.

Kia Proctor Parents, Daughter, Family

Kia proctor has altogether 2 children. One is from her previous relationship before she met Cam newton. However, she remained tight-lipped about her first child and it name event though she posted many photo of her on social media.

Her first issue with her athlete beau was a boy named “chosen Newton” who was born on a Christmas Eve of year 2025 in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has her first daughter with Cam, named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton who was born on the 3rd of February 2017.

This child was given birth in very fateful situation where cam himself was called from practice to join his wife in labour room.

Kia Proctor date with Cam Newton

Kia and Cam revealed about their dating when they were first spotted out in the public attending the Kentucky Derby together. Even though neither Party confirmed about their relationship status, their frequent attendance together at NFL’s Post-season award ceremony cleared all the doubt among people.

Even though they soon didn’t tie a knot but they remained in very strong relationship and for long time and continue to build their family together.

Kia Proctor Social Media

Kia is known for her most of the time spent on social media specially instagram. kia proctor instagram posts of kia proctor pictures are mostly with her family.

About their 3rd child, people came to know from instagram itself which is recently updated in 2018.

She also can be seen on youtube frequently in the video mostly talking about her relationships with cam newton.

Kia proctor also have account on facebook and twitter with huge fan following which tremendously increased after Relationship with Cam newton and basically are NFL’s Panther Cam Newton.

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