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Linus Sebastian
Linus Sebastian

About Linus Sebastian

YouTuber Linus tech Tips is a household name if you want to set up your PC or you want to know something about technology then you need to watch the Linus Tech Tips. We will be talking about Linus Tech Tips and its Bio, Wiki and his relationships.

Who is Linus Sebastian | Linus Sebastian Bio | who is Linus?

Linus Gabriel Sebastian was born on August 20 in 1986 is a Canadian YouTuber, presenter and producer and the maker of Linus Media Group.

He is best one for the hosting and creating the Tech videos on YouTube like: Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie and Tech Linked. He started his career in making tech videos on a different channel NCIX from 2007 to 2015.

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Till March of 2018n Linus Tech Tips is marked as 7th biggest Tech channel to be watched on YouTube.

Linus Tech Tips Popularity | How Linus tech Tips got so popular?

Linus Sebastian as told started his YouTube career from a NCIX YouTube channel. Linux was told to create the Linus Tech Tips as a cheaper substitute for NCIX to lower production costs.

Linus in the year of 2013 started Linus Media Group in garage with other guys. The group of Linus Tech Tips gone to become an independent mode venture of producing great tech videos that are entertaining.

How tall is Linus Sebastian? How old is Linus Sebastian

Linus is 1.85 m tall and 31 Years old.

Linus Sebastian relationships | Who is Linus Sebastian’s Wife?

Yvonne Ho is the wife of Linus

YouTube Awards:

Linus Sebastian has won major play Buttons including Silver and Gold play Button. Linus Tech Tips have around 6 Million subscribers and 1.8 Billion views till June 2018 stats.

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