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About: Markiplier

Mark Fischbach or famously known as Markipiler is a big YouTuber that gained a huge Fame from YouTube being a huge personality in gaming section of  producing great videos about the fun and commentary related to this game on YouTube.

Who is Markiplier? Mark Fischbach Bio

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 29, 1989 In Honolulu in Hawaii in United States. His Origin is basically from Cincinnati, Ohio. Today he lives in Los Angeles in California.

As of Now he has around 20.6 Million subscribers on YouTube that is great number on YouTube for being famous on the platform.

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How old and how tall is Markiplier?

Mark Fischbach is 29 years old and 1.79 m tall.

Early Life of Markiplier:

Mark Fischbach was born in Hawaii in Tripler Army Medical centre. His father was in Military and the mother of Mark was Korean. After Birth the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Markiplier has one brother ‘Thomas Jason Fischbach.

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Mark peruse his career of becoming a Biomedical Engineer at the Cincinnati University. But to go towards his YouTube career he dropped out of university on focuses on making great videos for his fans at Los Angeles in California.

Awards Won by Markiplier

Mark has been awarded great awards and nominated for many awards.

  • Golden Joystick Awards – Celebrity of the year
  • Make a Wish foundation awards – Best Streamer or Broadcaster

Net Worth Of Markilpier | Mark Fischbach Net Worth

The net worth of Markiplier according to stats in $9 Million.

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