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MKBHD is a name everybody knows in Tech Space. The most popular Tech YouTuber of all times MKBHD. What makes MKBHD so poplar and what makes him so likeable everywhere. Let’s find out….

Who is MKBHD? Who is Marques Brownlee?

Marques Brownlee is one of the most popular YouTubers on the internet with its YouTuber name ‘MKBHD’ makes crispy tech videos for the viewers and makes them glued to MKBHD. He makes content which is extremely professional and high quality with high end equipment’s. His constant efforts to improve the quality of his tech videos makes him the best YouTubers of all times.

How tall is MKBHD?

Marques Brownlee is 1.9 m tall.

Early life of MKBHD. What does MKBHD do?

Marques Brownlee was born on December 3, 1993 in Maplewood, New Jersey, US and right now lives in New Jersey.

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How does MKBHD start?

Marques started making his YouTube videos by creating a first video of showing his brand new HP Pavilion laptop and talking about its overview to the viewers and  consistency to create videos.

How MKBHD does became so popular? What makes MKBHD special?

The former SVP of Google called MKBHD as the ‘Best Technology Reviewer of the planet’. The basic tricks behind MKBHD’s popularity is his consistency and the drive to create extremely high end Technology focused videos using modern gadgets.

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How old is MKBHD?

  • As of 2018 MKBHD is 24 Years old.
  • Net Worth of MKBHD? How much money does MKBHD earn?
  • MKBHD earn approximately 3 Million US dollars every Year.

Awards won by MKBHD

The drive of creating crispy tech videos Of Marques Brownlee has provided him with 6.2 Million Subs and approx. 900 Million views on YouTube. Apart from having YouTube Silver and Golden Play button MKBHD has been nominated by many awards and won 2018 Shorty Awards for Creator of the Decade.

In the world that fully functions on devices, the guidance and reviews created by MKBHD is priceless.

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