Nikki Mudarris Bio – Net Worth, Wiki, Affairs, Quick Facts and Family Life

Nikki Mudarris – Bio

Nikki Mudarris
Nikki Mudarris

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Talking about some of the most feminine women, the list would’t complete without the true representation of some of the most appealing feminine body one of those women is Nikki Mudarris.

One can say all women possess beauty, but Nikki Mudarris will be listed at the epitome of feminine beauty.

Hello guys, Welcome to Celebs .wiki, this article aims to deliver all the exotic information related to Nikki Mudarris Net Worth, Wiki, Affairs, Quick Facts and Family Life, there are many other stunning news and information which are hidden from the mainstream audience, this article is equipped with all such information in a detailed manner. Read the full article in order to grab all the essential information and gossips along with rumours and reality which are convey by some of us in order to create illusion in various aspects.

We are all familiar with the stunning look of Nikki Mudarris, now we will be updated with all other data which includes Nikki Mudarris Net Worth, Wiki, Affairs, Quick Facts and Family Life and some interesting facts of her life.

Nikki Mudarris – Wiki and Family Life

Nikki Mudarris is an American Television Star, Model and experienced entrepreneur who take care of her family’s Hollywood and Las Vegas clubs. Talking about television shows, she is best known for the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood of which she was a part of.

Born on 28th June 1990 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Nikki is mixed with some auspicious ethnicity which are Morrocan, Italian and Arabic. Nikki was born in United States of America hence she has American Nationality. Her father is Abu Mudarris “The Godfather of Burlesque” while her mother is Marcelle Mudarris, Nikki is often refers to her father. Nikki got two siblings preliminary to 2015, Monique is her younger sister and Omar Mudarris is her elder brother. But later, very sadly Omar passed away leaving no choice for her to be the in charge of the family’s entertainment and nightclub business which they have been into for years.

However, there are no details about her elementary and high school education. She went to the collage and made good time for herself at the University of South California, where she studied and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, maintaining A-plus grades in all the subjects consistently each and every semester.

She finally passed out with a 3.43 CGPA. There are people who say “if there is beauty, there is no brain” this is totally wrong, because this is not the case of Nikki. She got lots of innovative ideas in her brain. She has been successful in academics and also in the business world. She is running her family business profitably along with her own clothing The Nude.

Nikki Mudarris – Career

She is hugely popular for the television series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, which gave her a worldwide fame and publicity followed by increment in followership on social media. She made appearance on the show alongside her friend Nia Riley in year 2014.

By the year of 2015, she appeared in 2 episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live. She attended VH1 special big in 2015wiht entertainment weekly.

Nikki Mudarris – Affairs and Relationships

Nikki was in a relationship with Austin Daye in 2009 for few years. The two were so deep in love that she moved in with him and people were assuming that they married quietly, but sadly it was not true. Sources confirms that in 2012 Nikki started dating Jamal Rashid. She was also aid to have dated music producer and rapper Mally Mall in 2012.

Later in 2014 she dated Lil’ Fizz which continued till 2016 and then they broke up. Rosa Acosta was her lover in 2016 but it didn’t last beyond the year. Nikki is bi-sexual. In later 2016 she was updated with Joseline Hernandez.

In May 2016 it is rumoured she has been dating American Music Producer Safaree Samuels. Nikki is currently living with him and hopefully they will last longer than ever.

Nikki Mudarris – Net Worth and Businesses

Nikki Mudarris current net worth is not known, however she is involved in lot of profitable business. Other than her family business she has her own lingerie titled The Nude and sells them directly via e- commerce website.

Nikki Mudarris – Quick and Interesting Facts

  • She was born on 28 June 1990.
  • In college, pretty Nikki maintained A-plus in every semester.
  • She manages her family’s decade-long nightclub and entertainment businesses.
  • She owns The Nude, her line of lingerie which she also models and sells on her store’s website.
  • Nikki had plastic surgery with breast implants and buttocks enhancement.
  • Later, she removed the implants because of the excess attention it was bringing to her being too big.
  • Nikki Mudarris is openly bi-sexual and has had lesbian sex with up to 4 girls.
  • She however abhors and detests group sex with a mix of both male and female.

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