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Olajide Olatunji KSI Bio

About Olajide Olatunji KSI

Olajide Olatunji  KSI as the YouTube name of Olajide Olataunji is a British YouTuber who is now famous all over the world for his Comedy and Rapper videos and eSports videos and other good content on YouTube as well. He is also a White Color Boxer.

Who is KSI? KSI Bio

KSI is the YouTube Name for Olajide William JJ Olatunji born in 1993 on June 19 is a British YouTuber, Comedian, actor & Rapper. He was born in London, England. He joined YouTube on June 2009 and till this date has 18.7 million subscribers with 4.2 Billion views as of June 2018 stats. He uploads different kinds of Videos that include Raps, Comedy and many other genres of videos that his fans love.

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How is KSI so Popular? KSI’s Popularity

KSI rose to fame by his creation of videos on eSports. In 2009 he used to play FIFA video games continuously for hours in his parents’ house and after that began uploading and started commenting on these videos using the name of KSIOlajiDebt. These videos rose him to fame apart from his regular vlogging, gaming and other experience videos.

How tall is KSI?

KSI is 1.83 m tall and 23 years old.

Relationships of KSI

KSI has a relationship with Seana Cuthburt and they split in 2014 and the relationship till now is still unknown.

YouTube Awards for KSI

KSI has won NME award for vlogger of the year.

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