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The main journey began when the main member of Smosh built a website in 2002. We are talking about Smosh, the YouTubers who made to fame on YouTube for releasing great videos that their fans later love. We will be talking about who they are, where they from are and what is their net worth and what are they Famous for.

Who is Smosh? | Smosh About

Smosh is YouTube channel that is created by two friend’s names as Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony made a website called as in 2002 which is the turning pointy of the duo.

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Why is Smosh Popular? Popularity of Smosh

Smosh made their channel in 2005. They started uploading videos in 2005. Smosh has 23 Million subscribers as of June 2018 and over of 7.3 Billion videos on YouTube. The Smosh is the 22nd biggest subscribed channel on YouTube.

The fame poured in for the channel in the early year of YouTube. They upload different kind of videos like Music Videos and other quiz show videos.

Early life of Smosh

Daniel was born in 1987 on Sept 16 in Sacramento, California and Andrew was born on 1987 on November 30 in Sacramento too. The franchise was created by filming a Pokemon Theme Music on Daniel and Andrew met in the 6th grade of the school. Later on YouTube the created Flash animation videos as a career.

How tall is Smosh?

Anthony Padilla is 5ft 11 inches in height and both are 30 years old.

Smosh Awards

They have won multiple awards in different categories:

  • 2006 Youtube Awrds for Comedy
  • 2013 Social Star Awards for US Social Media Star
  • 4th Streamy awrds for Best Gaming channel
  • 7th Shorty Awards for YouTube star of the year in 2015
  • 6th Streamy Awards for best Gaming Channel
  • 2016 Webby Awards for Gaming Channel
  • 7th Streamy Awards for Live in 2017
  • 7th Streamy Awards for best Gaming channel

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