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unbox therapy
unbox therapy

About Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy or Lewis Hilsenteger is a Canadian YouTuber who created the channel Unbox Therapy which has an incredible subscriber count of 11 Million. The drive to Unbox Things and gadgets in a unique way has become the passion for this guy and he created a YouTube channel to Unbox Things in a totally new manner. We find out what is the passion behind Unbox Therapy and its drive to create fantastic videos.

Who is Unbox Therapy? Who is Lewis Hilsenteger?

Lewis Hilsenteger achieved great stardom by totally thinking different. The Apple Technology Repair person who worked in a store near Ryerson University one day started unboxing gadgets and made that into professional career into YouTube.

Why Unbox Therapy is so popular? Popularity of Unbox Therapy?

Unbox Therapy rose to fame when he made a video of Bending the iPhone 6 and creating the famous iPhone Bendgate video which became viral. The videos have a crazy character to it which makes them entertaining to watch.

Who is Jack? Where is Jack?

Nobody knew who is Jack. It’s a mystery to the world. Until a video surfaced about Jack from Unbox Therapy. Jack’s face reveal case a massive stir in the whole world. The people got addicted to the mystery of Jack and this video racked 4 million views at this time.

Subscribers of Lewis Hilsenteger | Subscribers of Unbox Therapy

At the time of writing this article Lew have around 11 Million subscribers on YouTube as of June stats with 2.07 Billion views.

How tall is Lewis Hilsenteger? How tall is Unbox Therapy?

Lewis Hilsenteger is 5ft 6 inches or 1.68 m tall.

How old is Unbox Therapy? How old is Lewis Hilsenteger?

Lewis was born on May 5, 1984 and is 34 years old.

Unbox Therapy’s Girlfriend? Is Lewis in a relationship?

This is another mystery Lewis is married but we have no idea who his wife is…

Net worth of Lewis Hilsenteger? How much money does Unbox Therapy earn?

Lewis Hilsenteger approximately earns $4 Million every year.

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