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Who knows a research for a school project would turn into nearly 5.4 million subscribers as of 2018 and 450 million views on the YouTube. Lincoln only needed to answer one question that was eating his mind and make a board presentation. Wondering what’s inside the article let’s read.

What’s Inside- Bio!

What’s Inside
What’s Inside

What’s Inside is a very popular You-tube channel in which 10 year- old, Lincoln and his Dad, Dan made a series a of videos in which they explore what’s Inside the sports balls, as they were simply trying to make something interesting for Lincoln’s elementary school science project and later upload the video on You-tube so that Lincoln’s classmate would able to see it.

What’s Inside Real name?

The real name of the team of the What’s Inside is Lincoln– the 10-year-old son and Dan – father of Lincoln.

What’s Inside Family?

Dan– Father of three and Creator of “WHAT’S INSIDE” channel. He holds a degree in global business and spent 12 years as a top sales re in the Biotech industry.

Leslie– Wife of Dan, she holds a degree in public relation. She spent 15 years in a leading strategic communication for a fortune 100 company.

Lincoln– 10-year-old boy who is also a creator of “WHAT’ INSIDE” loves making videos with his Dad and Family.

Claire– Eight- year old Claire has a sweet, quiet and fun personality wanted to be a Librarian.

London– Six-year-old London has a great imagination and big personality and wanted to be a Teacher in the future.

What’s Inside net worth?

Their Estimated net worth is around $2.2 million every year. The channel generates around 6, 00,000 hits daily on the channel from the ads that run on the video.

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