Whitney Scott Mathers – Bio, Relationship With Eminem, Father, Family, Boyfriend

Whitney Scott Mathers – Bio

Whitney Scott Mathers
Whitney Scott Mathers

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The Rap God Eminem originally named as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, possesses life full of tragedy and exceptional stories, at times it get hard to even tell where he is standing and how he reached at that position. He is among some of the loyal personalities his love for his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers is incomparable.

One thing that is very interesting about Whitney is that, it has about the remaining of Eminem’s daughters is that her life is usually kept away from the media as much as possible. As a result there are very few things which are known about her such as her education and other aspects of life.

About: Whitney Scott Mathers

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We are all familiar as Whitney Scott Mathers is daughter of Eminem, now we will be updated with all other data which includes Whitney Scott Mathers, Relationship With Eminem, Father, Family, Boyfriend and some interesting facts of her life.

Whitney Scott Mathers – Relationship with Eminem, Father, Family

Born on April 16, 2002, in United States of America, Whitney, unlike most people think or even believe that she is not the biological daughter of Eminem.

She is the daughter of the rap legend’s Ex-wife Kim, who he had after another man got divorce in 2001. Whitney’s biological father is known as Eric Hartter. However, they didn’t spend a lot of time together. The man is a professional tattoo artist and has been at loggerheads with the law.

Eric has been into various criminal activities including drugs, because of which he was found himself behind the bars. Although, he wasn’t married to her mother, Kimberly Scot.

On the other side Kim didn’t have a stress free life as she was involved in drugs, this cause her to look for treatment at different times. This made Eminem to adopt Whitney as his own daughter.

In 2006, Eminem and Kim remarried and then breakup the same year. In 2015 Kim was involved in a car crash, which was a DUI case. As per her attorney, it was a suicide attempt.

On Detroit’s channel 955 radio show mojo, Kim admitted that the car crash was intentional and she was not expecting to come out alive. She also focused on the point that at the time, she had been clean for up to 10 years.

At last it turn out that, Whitney, Hailey and Alaina all are Eminem’s daughter as well as Dr. Dre are some of the most inspirational people of Eminem’s life and it is no more a secret.

Eminem also mentioned alongside Hailey and Alaina in some of his raps such as “Going Through Changes” and “When I’m Gone”.

Whitney Scott Mathers – Whitney Scott Mathers and Sisters

Among all the daughters of Eminem, Whitney is the youngest, however the eldest is also adopted child as Amanda Scott who is popularly known as Alaina. Eminem adopted Aliana and Whitney almost at the same time to join his biological daughter, Hailey whom he had with Kim even before they got married. She was born on 25th December, 1995.

According to Eminem’s first manager, Eminem put much more efforts into his work after the birth of his own daughter Hailey. He use to put as much as 60 hours a week because he didn’t want his daughter to grow up like he did. He wanted her to live a better life not just from moving day to day or moving every week.

This can be one of the best part that how much Eminem love his daughter and hence he is putting special emphasis in his music and how he has always been protective about them.

What makes the above statement more impressive is the fact that his ex-wife, Kim admitted in an interview that Eminem is an excellent father to his daughters.

Once Eminem confessed that he loves Whitney very much because she is a sweet girl.

Whitney Scott Mathers – Boyfriend

Whitney Scott Mathers Boyfriend is unknown, just as much about her life still remains hidden. However, she is only 15 years old, it is very unlikely that she has a boyfriend.

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