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Linus Tech Tips is a technology-based Canadian YouTube channel run by Linus Sebastian who has an estimated net worth of $35 million. This channel mainly talks about Computers, Gadget Reviews, and PC Unboxing. Linus Tech Tips has been the highly grossed and highly viewed YouTube channel among Sebastian’s four tech guides.

Linus Tech Tips aka Linus Sebastian earns most of the money from YouTube | Via Instagram @linustech
Linus Tech Tips aka Linus Sebastian earns most of the money from YouTube | Via Instagram @linustech

Linus Sebastian is the founder of Linus Media Group. He has worked as the CEO of this Group since 2013. Literally, this Media Group controls all of Sebastian’s projects that make a $50k profit per month! Besides, Sebastian owns the wide streaming service — Floatplane Media.

How much money does Linus Sebastian make?

Linus Sebastian makes his fortune from multiple sources. This article will include a brief discussion about it. Before that, let’s have a glimpse at Linus Sebastian’s yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily income —

  • Yearly Income: $5.79 million
  • Monthly Income: $482k
  • Weekly Income: $111,314
  • Daily Income: $15,858
  • Per Hour Income: $660

Linus Sebastian Earning Sources

As mentioned, Linus has multiple earning sources. He mainly makes most of his fortune from his service production agency — Linus Media Group.

However, Linus Sebastian’s earning sources can be summarized by below points —

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Sponsored Projects
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Merchandise
  • Revenue from Floatplane

Let’s figure out how much Linus Sebastian makes from his individual earning sources…

How much Linus Sebastian make from YouTube?

YouTube AdSense has been a vital part of Linus Sebastian’s net worth. He has four YouTube channels. All of these are Technology-based. Sebastian’s YouTube channels are:

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT)
  • Techquickie
  • TechLinked
  • ShortCircuit

Linus makes a lot of money from his Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube channel. This channel has ranked as the most viewed YouTube channel.

Here are Linus Sebastian’s YouTube channels and their gained video views —

Sebastian’s YouTube ChannelTotal Number of Views
Linus Tech Tips (LTT)4,861,633,850

Besides, Linus Tech Tips has accumulated a total number of subscribers of 13.6 million. Though it is too far from the most subscribed YouTube channel — PewDiePie, it is pretty cool to gross multi-million.

So, are you thinking “How much does Linus Sebastian make from Linus Tech Tips?”. Keep moving, you will discover your answer from this article.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Linus Tech Tips?

On 25th November 2008, Linus Sebastian launched his technology-based YouTube channel — Linus Tech Tips. This channel has ranked as the highest viewed YouTube channel. Since 2008, it has earned 13.6 million YouTube subscribers and over four billion views so far.

According to Social Blade, Linus Tech Tips makes a revenue of $3.4 million per year. Let’s have a glimpse at Linus Tech Tips Social Blade statistics:

  • Social Blade Rank: 2,435th
  • Subscriber Rank: 524th
  • Social Blade Country Rank (Canada): 11th
  • Category Rank (Technology): 10th

Social Blade estimated that Linus Tech Tips periodically makes —

  • $3.4 million per year
  • $279.2k per month
  • $65.2k per week
  • $9.3k per day

A table is provided below addressing Linus Tech Tips estimated monthly income:

Month NameEstimated Earnings
May 2021$75.8k
April 2021$66.9k
March 2021$50.2k
February 2021$81.4k
January 2021$43.2k
November 2020$4.98k
October 2020$127k
September 2020$122k
August 2020$95.4k
July 2020$83.5k

Each content of Linus Tech Tip gains over 2 million views daily! He makes $3 per 1k views. Hence, Linus Sebastian makes a lot of wealth through his YouTube channel.

Here’s Linus Tech Tips last ten days income:

DateYouTube Earnings
2021-06-20$645 – $10.3k
2021-06-19$707 – $11.3k
2021-06-18$667 – $10.7k
2021-06-17$746 – $11.9k
2021-06-16$535 – $8.6k
2021-06-15$552 – $8.8k
2021-06-14$468 – $7.5k
2021-06-13$538 – $8.6k
2021-06-12$380 – $6.1k
2021-06-11$458 – $7.3k

Linus Tech Tips makes a lot of YouTube revenue other than his three YouTube channels. Linus Sebastian makes about 26% of his total revenue from YouTube AdSense.

Comparison between Linus Sebastian’s YouTube channels

Linus Sebastian has four YouTube channels so far. Among these, Linus Tech Tips is a highly grossed one. This channel makes a yearly revenue of $3.4 million.

Here are Linus Sebastian’s YouTube channels and yearly revenue:

Channel NameYearly Earnings
Linus Tech Tips$3.4 million
Short Circuit$351.5k

From the aforementioned data table, we can conclude that most of YouTube revenue comes from Linus Tech Tips.

How much Linus Sebastian make from sponsored projects?

Sebastian earns a lot of money from his video sponsorships. He manages sponsorships through Linus Media Group. About 27% of total revenue he grossed through In-video Sponsorships. Besides, he earns 14% of his total revenue from Sponsored Projects.

From video sponsorship projects, Linus Sebastian makes an estimated amount of $2.66 million.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Affiliate Marketing?

From Amazon associates, Sebastian makes 9% of his total revenue. He promotes numerous products and gets a percentage from these selling products. About 11% of his total revenue comes from Affiliate Marketing.

Sebastian has grossed a total of $1.71 million from Amazon associates so far. Besides, he made $380k from other associates.

How much Linus Sebastian make from the merchandise?

linus sebastian

Linus Sebastian makes so far so good selling merchandise. He sells numerous t-shirts, caps, socks, and so on. A recent survey estimated that about 15% of revenue comes from Sebastian’s merchandise business. This amount will be $2.85 million or more.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Floatplane?

The Floatplane is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content from shows to reviews and more! Sebastian has made a total of $1.14 million from Floatplane revenue. This amount is nearly 6% of his total revenue.

Earnings Summary

A comparison data table is provided below including Linus Sebastian’s earning sources and the total amount of revenue he grossed as of this writing —

Earning SourcesTotal Revenue
YouTube AdSense (26% of total)$4,940,000
In-Video Sponsor (27% of total)$5,130,000
Sponsored Projects (14% of total)$2,660,000
Amazon Associates (9% of total)$1,710,000
Other Associates (2% of total)$380,000
Merchandise (15% of total)$2,850,000
Floatplane (6% of total)$1,140,000
Other revenue$190,000

Property and Car Collection

Linus Sebastian currently lives in a sweet house in British Columbia, Canada. He was born here. Talking about car collection, Linus drives the 2003 Honda Civic with a manual transmission. On average, this car can last for 200k miles.

Linus Sebastian: At a Glance

linus tech tips

Birth NameLinus Gabriel Sebastian
Nick NameLinus
Date of Birth20 August 1986
Birth PlaceLadner, British Columbia, Canada
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight76 kg
SpouseYvonne Ho
Childrenthree ( a son and two daughters)
ProfessionYouTuber, Businessman
Net Worth$35 million

Early Life & Career

Linus Gabriel Sebastian was born on 20th August 1986. He was born in British Columbia, Canada. He doesn’t have a college degree. Linus hardly shared his personal life with the mass media.

In his early career, Sebastian first worked in the online hardware & software retailer — NCIX. He was offered the company’s host and technology analyst position. Hence, Linus began promoting NCIX through the company’s channel.

On 25th November 2008, Linus Sebastian launched his YouTube channel — Linus Tech Tips. This channel has ranked as the most viewed YouTube channel.

In 2013, Linus Sebastian founded Linus Media Group which serves numerous purposes. He mainly reviews computer products, PC unboxing, and so on through this channel.

Sebastian maintains four YouTube channels through Linus Media Group. Besides, he owns the wide streaming service — Floatplane. Sebastian makes a lot of fortune through this.


Who are Linus Sebastian’s favorite YouTubers?

In an interview with, Linus addressed Marques Brownlee, Austin Evans, and TotalBiscuit as their favorite YouTubers. Though Linus isn’t richer than Jeffree Star, he makes fairly enough through YouTube AdSense.

What PC does Linus Tech Tips use?

Linus Sebastian reveals PC unboxing, and computer reviews through his highly viewed YouTube channel — Linus Tech Tips. But, he decided to use the Asus TUF Gaming GT501. He has built a powerful PC that has 2 Nvidia RTX 2080 TI graphics cards.

Does Linus Tech Tips build custom computers?

Linus Sebastian dubbed a YouTube content, The Super Clean PC Build, where he announced PC gaming hardware with an innovative case and functional LCD display side panel. He was making this custom computer with Newegg. He further announced that this custom PC will be launched in the market. Hence, anyone can afford this PC easily.

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