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Miranda Cohen is known model, fitness enthusiast, influencer, blogger, and Instagram star from The United States. She is known for posting fitness related videos. She started her career as a model and rose to fame through her Instagram account where she posts pictures of her toned figure and along with that she also makes a good living from all the paid partnerships with big brands. She has definitely made big waves in the fitness and showbiz industry. With her amazing fashion sense, she has amassed a huge following, making her a brand influencer. She went viral on tiktok with her workout videos and has amassed over 1.8 million fans on the platform.

Miranda Cohen (Fitness Influencer) is a well-known fitness industry and entrepreneur in the country. She is known for her outstanding fitness content on social media and is the founder of Miranda Dream Fit, an online platform that offers personalized health and fitness training. Together with her fitness partner, Lucas Cherroci, they provide their clients with the best training services.

In addition to her role as a fitness trainer, Miranda is also a well-known social media influencer and content creator. She shares her fitness journey and workouts on her Instagram, Facebook and Youtube platforms and also provides personal training services on her official website.

Miranda challenges herself every day to keep her body in shape. She likes a challenge, training has helped increase her confidence level. With her new plump confidence, Miranda participated in many fitness events, working with brands from all over the world. For 2023, the young talent has many projects and joint works.

In this article, we will provide information about Miranda Cohen and her fitness journey.

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Who is Miranda Cohen?

Miranda Cohen is a popular fitness influencer. Participated in the 1st Phorn fitness program. She has amassed a huge following on Instagram as well as her Tiktok platform, both of which have millions of followers who are inspired by her workouts and fitness. She often uploads fitness and workout videos to social media.

She is so passionate about fitness that she helps her followers and fans by providing them with useful information and also participates in concerts as a fitness model. She even owns a company called MirandaDreamFit, under which she conducts professional fitness training.

To her fans, she advocates a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. Having such a mass of viewers, Miranda feels obliged to inspire and motivate people to stay healthy, to promote self-love.

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The Education of Miranda Cohen

She comes from Tampa, Florida. Her age is approx 27 years as of 2023. Her zodiac sign Aries. She American by nationality She was born on March 21, 1996.

She completed elementary school at a local high school in the United States. After that, she entered the local university, which she graduated from.

She attended Western Michigan University to earn a bachelor’s degree in dietetics.

Miranda’s mother, who was born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and a hole in her heart, encouraged her to live a healthy lifestyle to cope with her condition. Despite the difficulties, she persevered and turned her attention to her fitness career. Today, she is a well-known and highly respected fitness trainer.

In 2017, she was certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Science Association

Miranda has proven her skill and excellence by representing several well-known brands in various segments such as lifestyle, fitness and fashion.

Miranda Cohen Wiki/Bio

Full name Miranda Cohen
Real name Miranda Cohen
Occupation Model and influencer.
Age (as of 2022) 26 years old
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth Michigan
Zodiac sign Aries
Net worth 1m+
Qualification A graduate
alma mater N/A
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Christian

Miranda Cohen Career

Miranda debuted her modeling career by posting exquisite fashion and lifestyle photos on Instagram. She rose to fame on Instagram quickly after her photos went viral and earned thousands of followers.

She is a beautiful blonde with a heart of gold. Her friendly nature, sweet demeanor and dedication to her career have made her a highly sought after fitness model. Thanks to the constant expansion of the portfolio of her works, she gained popularity not only in the United States, but also throughout the world. Gracing the covers of high-profile magazines, internet spotlights, as well as high-end prints, Miranda has found herself in high demand.

Before her career as a professional fitness trainer, Miranda worked in various positions. According to her official website, she began caddying for businessmen on their golf outings at the age of 12. However, she honed her passions and goals, which led her to dance. Miranda found her calling when she joined the dance team at Western Michigan University. It was there that she met a mentor who shared her passions and beliefs. This person taught Miranda that self-doubt and criticism are not a sign of weakness, but rather an obstacle to personal growth.

Focusing on becoming the best version of herself, Miranda began prioritizing her physical health and expanding her knowledge of nutrition. This led her to become a professional fitness instructor. Later, she founded her own fitness company, Miranda Dream Fit.

She has a huge following on Tiktok with over 1.8 million fans and counting. She is known to share her workouts, techniques and motivational content.


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She manages a Youtube channel where she uploads her daily routine, various workouts, vlogs, etc.

It’s truly a surreal sight to watch women push the boundaries, challenge the norms, make their own rules and thrive as true blue professionals.

Check out her skincare and makeup routine

Miranda Cohen Appearance

She Young, handsome and hot. She has a slim figure. She extremely popular among young people. She looks like a doll. It is approximate 5′ 7 inches tall and weighs approx 67 kg. She has an athletic build. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. She has a good one big eyes who look very attractive and have long silky hair. She has a very attractive character.

Miranda Cohen Net worth/income

How much is Miranda Cohen’s net worth ? Miranda Cohen earns huge income from sponsorships, advertising, paid collaborations, affiliate marketing and advertising revenue. Miranda’s estimated net worth, which includes her assets and income, is over $1 million.

She even provides 1 on 1 coaching requests as well as a monthly Dreamfit program.

She endorses MegaFitMeals

Family, religion and boys

Little is known about her family and personal relationships.

Miranda Cohen Privacy

Marital status unmarried
Marital status Unmarried
Husband’s name None
Boy’s name None
children None

Miranda grew up in a friendly and stable family. She has a strong bond with her family, but the identities of her parents have not been released. However, Miranda shared photos with her mother on her social media accounts. Her father, Mr. Cohen, is believed to be a businessman and her mother, Mrs. Cohen, is a homemaker.

Miranda’s mother encouraged her to live a healthy lifestyle to manage her medical condition. She was faced with the possibility of open-heart surgery, but refused to be limited by circumstances. Instead, she focused on her strengths and abilities, choosing not to be defined by what she couldn’t do.

A few interesting facts about Miranda Cohen

  • She has an Instagram account 4.5 m+ followers
  • Her tiktok account has 2.9 m+ fans where she posts videos of her daily workouts.
  • Her YouTube channel has over 270,000 subscribers, where she uploads her workouts and vlogs
  • She has a promising career with a strong social media presence and is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry.
  • Miranda can be found as a bespoke personal trainer with high profile clients.
  • She often hosts giveaways in collaboration with 1stphorm for her followers.

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  • She constantly posts her beautiful photos on Instagram.

  • She is an influential person in social networks.
  • She is a fitness model who leads quite an influential life, inspiring many other young models to follow in her footsteps.
  • She is quite popular due to her stylish image.
  • She constantly posts her beautiful photos on Instagram.
  • She announced a partnership with cozyearth

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  • She hopes to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams and succeed after the popular app went viral
  • She is nothing but a source of inspiration for all those who follow her.
  • Her content is different from the rest of the Influencers and that’s what makes her stand out from the crowd.
  • She constantly posts IGTV clips and videos to keep a handle on her audience.
  • Because of her popularity, many famous brands turn to her for their promotion.
  • She documented her many excursions and travels on the social media platform.
  • she doesn’t believe in saying “I can’t” and never has.
  • See interesting shots of her photo sessions

Check out her QnA where she talks to her friend about The Single? Does it turn off? Thoughts on the fitness industry? etc.

  • Check out her vlog A Day in My Life.


Miranda Cohen Profiles in social networks

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frequently asked questions

What is Miranda Cohen’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Miranda Cohen’s net worth is over $1 million.

How old is Miranda Cohen?

As of 2022, she is 26 years old.

What is Miranda Cohen’s real name?

Her real name is Miranda Cohen.

What is Miranda Cohen’s Marital Status?

Miranda Cohen is single.

What is Miranda Cohen’s boyfriend’s name?

There is no such information.

Did Miranda Cohen go to college?


Why is Miranda Cohen famous?

She is known as a fitness influencer on social media.

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